Saturday, 2 November 2013

Stig in a teacup (2013)

Last week, a person shared his opinion on why gay marriage should not be allowed to go ahead. His opinion was based on phrases from the bible. A book quite well known for its anti-homosexual stance. A book which has a number of religions based upon it. A book which is in more households than nearly any other book in the world.

People in their millions around the world from all walks of life have had opinions that are similar.

And for the most part, they are entitled to their view and free to express it. Sure it upsets some people and many others will disagree with that view. That is also their view and they are free to express their opposition to anti-homosexual opinions.

But it’s an opinion. It’s not a crime.

However, the little known country of Australia which proudly boasts to be a democracy that allows free speech, has a media whose take on that claim is entirely reversed when it comes to particular people, most notably professional athletes.

This abovementioned incident involved a player who hasn’t played in the NRL since 2011, by the name of Ryan Stig.

What ensued was a number of media personalities coming out of the woodwork to harangue the bloke for doing what every other person in this country is free to do without condemnation.

What Stig did was post a picture of a letter that he didn’t write, which contained sentiments which he agreed with, based on verses from the bible.

Stig did not say Gay Marriage was demonic. He agreed with a statement in the bible of his chosen religion. Now I’ll admit I know very little about Ryan Stig, but something tells me that he didn’t write the bible.

Call it a hunch.

Stig did not have a rant, he quite clearly stated that his thoughts were along the line of some letter written by someone else, based on their interpretation of phrases from the bible.

Instead Stig was greeted by an emotive article by Andrew Webster demanding the NRL to do something. I’m sorry, but while I don’t agree with Ryan’s comments, he’s entitled to them. He didn’t ask for gay people to be killed off, he didn’t commit any crime. He’s a human being, following a religion which is pretty clear on its stance about homosexual behaviour and he expressed an opinion.

This is not an issue for the NRL or the Newcastle Knights. It’s a difference of opinion between people against people who follow the words of a religious text, and absolutely nothing more. If Webster and others have an issue with Stig’s comments, then they only time they should be taking it up with the NRL is if Dave Smith becomes pope.

What we have here is a few frustrated journo’s who haven’t been able to write anything negative about the game for some time, then latching onto the most inane issue and blowing it out of proportion to peddle their holier than thou attitudes, which is laughable, given some of the despicable behaviour of a small section of journalists in the Rugby League world, even this year (Jon Mannah peptides link just weeks after he died being a prime example).

I agree with sentiments that Stig’s comments were inappropriate and I completely disagree with his opinion. I for one have no issue with gay marriage. I actually don’t see what the big drama is about allowing gay people to get married. Doing so doesn’t make any difference to my life, so I say let them go for it. More happy people in the world can only be a good thing.

But to make such a big song and dance about one bloke’s opinion is madness. There’s an underlying issue here and it’s not with the NRL and not with gay marriage.

It’s with some people in the media and their negative attitude towards Rugby League.