Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Monday Monday - Benji & Farah (2012)

Every year the media circle around Concord, concocting wild and fanciful stories about division within the Wests Tigers ranks.

We've heard stories, and I mean stories, about a Tigers player sleeping with a team-mates wife, some sort of love-in between 'room-mates' Benji Marshall and Tim Moltzen, who don't actually live together, fueds between Farah and Sheens and the most frequently reported one of all, fueds between Farah and Marshall.

Every time these fanciful, lets call them what they are, bullshit, stories come out, Benji and Farah refute them, laughing off the claims.

Then the media says "What would you expect them to say, of course they'll deny it."

How can they win? The media world has made up it's mind and they'll do whatever they can to force the public to believe it.

Yesterday the Wests Tigers and the Rugby League world was deeply saddened to hear that Robbie Farah's mother, Sonia, passed away, just hours before the Tigers were to kick off against the Roosters.
Her loss will be devastating to Farah and to his team mates, some he has been playing alongside for the duration of his NRL career.

They are all family.

The scene of Benji Marshall openly crying and trying to hold back tears yesterday during the minute silence to remember his mate's mother shows just how close the Tigers are.

Just how close Benji and Robbie are.

Family is stronger than sport.

We can only hope that all those responsible in the media for feeding this concoction realises they have got it all completely wrong and give the whole rubbish about a fued between Marshall and Farah a rest because clearly, there's no story there.

It's time that the media started reporting facts instead of trying to make them up.

Benji's tears were those of a friend, who is deeply saddened by the loss of another friend's mother.

I speak on behalf of everyone here at League Unlimited when I say we give Robbie Farah and his friends and family our warmest, heartfelt and deepest sympathies and condolences for the loss of his beloved mother.

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