Friday, 23 March 2018

Take A Stand Against Bullying (2018)

Just a few days ago, for some unknown reason, an alleged journalist with Fairfax’s Financial Review, by the name of Joe Aston, decided to write an asinine article full of hate speak, ignorance and petulance about Rugby League and the Bulldogs club.

The abhorrent tripe carried tones of racism, leant upon class warfare, stereotypes and worst of all, used rape as a form of mockery, when he referred to Rugby League as ‘rapeball’.

This ingrate is clearly endorsing bullying by writing such a childish and pathetic piece. The fact his employer read this disgraceful steaming pile of excrement and saw it fit to publish clearly shows that they endorse such commentary. His freedom to write such despicable matter is thanks to the many men and women who served and died for this country, including a large number of Rugby League players and officials from all over the country.

Whether this was done purely for the response is beside the point. This is clear bullying, plain and simple. There’s no reason for it, no purpose, no point, no value, nothing. It’s just the shameful unprompted and unprovoked bullying of a small minded fool.

The media in Australia has for decades been quick to defecate on the game at the slightest opportunity, with the mentality worsening with every year. And every time the game has adopted the approach of “ignore it and it will go away.”

Well no.

Ignoring it is not the answer anymore. Taking the moral highground may keep the games integrity in check, but unfortunately, staying quiet only serves to perpetuate more of this ugly attitude towards the game. When the NRL refuses to defend itself against these bullying antics, they are validating the behaviour, comments and perspective of the bullies.

And that encourages them to continue with their antiquated hate speak.

It’s time the game stands up and starts publicly putting these bullies in their place. Demand retractions. Demand public apologies and in severe cases of unprofessionalism, like this, demand the author is punished. This is slander and is blatant vilification.

So come Todd Greenberg, Peter Beattie, Bulldogs officials, NRL players, ex-players, media personalities. Defend our game! Stand up for our game!

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