Monday, 21 May 2018

My Book: The Story Of Rugby League

Today, Monday the 21st of May is a day I never though would come. The day that I had my very own Rugby League book on the shelves in shops.

But the day is here and it is amazing.

My debut book is titled The Story of Rugby League, a look at key moments in the history of Rugby League in Australia designed to entertain, educate and inform school children (and even adults who have yet to dabble into the game's history), about the events, players, clubs and games that have taken place from the games birth in England in 1895 to the final of the 2017 World Cup.

It is a colourful book, packed with great images, facts and statistics. It's an A4 sized, hardcover book, with 93 pages, published by the team at New Holland Publishers.

The book exists thanks largely to the iconic Rugby League historian and author Alan Whiticker.

You can buy it online here:

It is also available in all major bookstores around Australia.