Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Mad Monday - Ricky Stuart & the new NSW Origin coach (2012)

So it appears that Ricky Stuart's desire to be an NRL coach was far far greater than winning a State of Origin series. There's nothing wrong with that, God knows we'd all prefer full time work to casual work.

Good luck to him, hopefully the Coaches curse at Parramatta comes to an end under his reign, for the sake of the Eels fans more than anything.

But it does now leave a big question.

Who will be the New South Wales State of Origin coach in 2013?

A few people have put their names forward but I personally don't think they have the credibility or coaching ability to get the job done. Names like Laurie Daley and Brad Fittler have already been bandied about.

But I think its time to go to someone who has actually coached in pressure situations. Someone who has played Origin and been a victor. Someone who has adapted to the changing game from when they once played.

So I think it's time for the Blues to look at some older heads as Blues coach, not younger and inexperienced ones.

Daley's coaching victories at the elite level can be counted on one hand (not including the thumb). And not one of those games has been played in a pressure cooker environment. They have been one off games, some may even regard them as 'novelty'.

In short, Laurie Daley is a novelty coach.

Brad Fittler is a great ambassador for the game and he's an affable larrikin whom everyone sees to like. He won't get the respect or performance from the players that is required at Origin level. This is easily proven when looking quite simply at how quickly his NRL coaching career took a nosedive.

In short, Brad Fittler is a boy who giggles at naughty words.

We need to look back at previous coaches who can inspire and motivate his players. Someone who was able to do the very same with his actions in the Origin arena.

I think it's time to coerce Wayne Pearce back to coaching the Blues.

As an Origin coach, his reign lasted three seasons, earning a drawn series in 1999, a won series in 2000 and a lost series in 2001. NSW won 5, drew 1 and lost 3 games under his tenure.

Sure people will use the infamous horse riding incident as some sort of dopey argument against him, but no one can deny with any intellect or honesty, that he wouldn't be a better coach at Origin level than Daley or Fittler.

The only concern would be the lack of coaching he has done since that 2001 series. And if that were to be a hurdle then there is but one remaining option who is currently looking for a coaching gig, has been an NRL coach, has played and won in an Origin series for NSW and has coached at the highest levels in club footy.

Come on down, Royce Simmons!

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