Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Mad Monday - Sonny Bill Williams (2012)

Ever since he fled from the game in 2008 to play French rah rah, participate in farcical boxing matches against pie shop owners and call centre operators who had no idea how to box, before lining up in the Super 14's with some team that no doubt has 15 massive athletes unable to excite an easily exciteable child, Sonny Bill Williams has been rumoured to be returning to the NRL.

And as his Rugby Union contract draws to a close, there's talk he is coming to the NRL some day in the next 1-2 years, but for just one season only.

On the proviso he can still participate in his fights against florists and service station attendants and then can leave after just one season so he can play in the Soccer world cup.....or is it Rugby Union World Cup? You know, the one where they run around all day, get nowhere and just kick goals.

Once he plays in the World Cup, his career is open. He'll continue trying to be a boxer. But his other sporting career, playing footy, will be in the balance.

Anyways, it appears that Williams is going to play for the Roosters for one season. Given how much cash he'll no doubt be seeking, is it worth it?

Is it worth losing any players already at the club, so as to accommodate Sonny's salary for a year?

Is it worth risking all on one bloke who, lets face it, has been bludging since he left Rugby League.

Fighting pensioners and fast food restaurant staff isn't really going to require much exertion of energy, preparation or training. Playing as a centre in Rugby Union is the most mundane, boring and easiest sporting role anyone could ever hope to have. Running nor tackling are pre requisites to becoming a test standard Union centre.

Is he worth the risk? No

Is he worth the money? No.

Is he worthy of Rugby League? Definitely not.

So what sport can Sonny play after the World Cup? Rugby Union will be able to accommodate him for another two decades. But there's another sport he can try out.

One that is keen on paying excessive sums of money to athletes from other games.

One that has the worlds most pathetic fights (if you can call them that).

Sonny Bill, welcome to the Greater Western Sydney Whipping Boys.

You wouldn't be expected to be good or to win. You wouldn't get hurt, you would still be in a game where kicking goals, forward passes and knock ons are vital, expected and appreciated. Because of this, you can play like crap and get paid millions and the AFL will love you for it. You won't ever have to leave the country disgraced again.

And because there's no rep scene, you'll have from September til April free to box against waitresses and taxi drivers from Newcastle.

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