Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Clueless Tigers Repeating Same Old Mistakes (2017)

On Monday the Wests Tigers board decided to sack their head coach Jason Taylor. It’s a decision the club has made twice before in less than five years when it terminated Tim Sheens’ lucrative contract in the 2012 offseason and then foolishly removed Michael Potter at the end of 2014, just as he was making progress.

The fact is the people appointing the coaches have got it wrong twice now and it has had a big impact on the development of the improperly labelled ‘Big 4’ of James Tedesco, Aaron Woods, Mitchell Moses and Luke Brooks. If anything they should be labelled ‘the Big 2 and 2 passengers.’

The Tigers have admitted their salary cap has been a mess for a number of years and have done very little to amend that. They provided zero support for Michael Potter and gave him little control of the roster. Despite this, Potter was slowly making headway before the club panicked over a silly story aired by Gorden Tallis about an off-the-record comment Farah had made 18 months earlier. The club didn’t try any mediation between captain and coach. They let the story drag on and entirely derail their campaign.

The club then opted to remove Potter, which was seen as the board’s backing of Farah – despite both parties saying there was no issue between them.

Two years later the joint venture turned its back on Farah and allowed his legacy and reputation at the club to be dragged through the slime and be completely destroyed, opting to side with coach Jason Taylor.

Now they’ve knifed Taylor. It’s a hasty decision made with no apparent replacement in sight. It’s a decision made under the guise of perceived business acumen, to fix the club. What it is though is yet another clueless decision by a clueless board that have proven, on multiple occasions and across multiple facets of running a sporting team, to be clueless.

While Taylor needed to go, the issue is that he should never have been hired. Who hires an unproven NRL coach to take over a team of relative rookies in a rebuilding phase?

The Tigers’ recruitment and retention team has long been a laughing stock of the competition. It seems they are hellbent on trying to recreate the sort of team that won the 2005 premiership, without realising that the game has changed so much since then, to the point that small teams have zero advantage.

The club under Taylor has continually gotten worse. In 2017 they have zero depth at all to work with, made no worthwhile purchases in the off season, and yet are still at the cap ceiling. They’re paying over a $1 million to people no longer at the joint.

The last two weeks has seen the NRL side lose 36-2 against a Penrith side who were flogged in their previous match and then 46-6 against a Canberra side who were also flogged in their previous match.
The Holden Cup side lost 36-4 to Penrith and 54-10 to Canberra, while the Intrust Super Premiership side lost 52-12 to Penrith and 36-0 against the Warriors.

That’s a total of six losses in six games, scoring 34 points and conceding 260, an average scoreline of 43-5 across all three grades.