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The Prophet Has Spoken (2010)

Back in the sixteenth century the worlds greatest prophet reigned. His name was Nostradamus.

He had the uncanny knack of foretelling the future. Sometimes with amazing accuracy, other times with a little too much vagueness. But his abilities proved to be, well quite prophetic.

Some of his great prophecies unveiled the rise of Hitler, Napoleon Bonaparte, the Great London Fires and many many more.

However some of his greatest prophecies have yet to be fulfilled. I have spent many years going through these and have found that many were actually related to something much closer to home than we first thought.

In Two and a pair a god will walk amongst men,
His dominance will be undermined by those near,
His land will regale his supremacy,
But woe his people.

This quatrain speaks of the year 2011 and none other than Paul Gallen’s dominance in “God’s land” which as we all know, is what the residents of the Cronulla-Sutherland shire call their suburb.

Satan will rise again from the depths,
Of whence he was sent prior,
The rivers will run red with retribution,
Disease of the south will subside.

Here, Nostradamus speaks of the rise again of nothing other than the Melbourne Storm. His use of the term Satan is a reference to ‘south’ and the evils that Storm had produced in prior seasons which had besieged them in 2010.

The rich and the battlers will join forces,
For a battle they have not won
For nigh on two score
And will not win for five score more.

In this phrase, Nostradamus speaks clearly about South Sydney, with the battle being a reference to the NRL Premiership. He also predicts they won’t win the premiership for another 100 years.

East and West embrace again,
Marshalled by a man of the people,
Slaying the great fire breathing one,
And seeing the fall of an empire.

One of the rare quatrains by Nostradamus which reveals a name, ‘Marshall’. It speaks of how the Dragons will be toppled by Marshall’s Wests Tigers and possibly even see about the retirement of Tim Sheens.

The power of the East will continue to build,
Public mistrust and lies will besiege them
As it had many times before,
But they will not be denied their glory.

This quatrain is a clear reference to the rise of the Roosters and how they are going to become a long time powerhouse which will again be questioned by everyone about whether it’s legal.

Those men on their noble steeds,
Lead by the greatest and mightiest of all,
With an entire nation behind them,
Will go further than dreamed, still tears.

It appears that this phrase is a clear reference to the Bronco’s who will show their dominance again but will fail to claim the prized NRL Premiership, hence “Still tears” at the end.

Treachery, deceit, lies and crime,
Will all come to end, but the golden child,
He will fall from up high,
And his people will ask why.

Nostradamus appears to have made note of the demons which engulfed the Knights in 2010 and how they will have completely overcome those in 2011, however it appears he sees a public falling out with Kurt Gidley.

Riches and gold spent from boundary to boundary,
The mightiest army ever built,
Sent to take what they once had,
Beseiged at their border by great armies.

The Bulldogs appear to be the focus of this quatrain. It refers to the bulldogs building one of the biggest armies ever, but completely underestimating the power of other teams and fail to achieve any greatness which they believed would be hand delivered to them.

One great man, greater than his own,
Or so it seems, will be brought down by many,
All his equal or better,
His dominance a myth is spread.

In this quatrain, Nostradamus is focussing entirely on Jarryd Hayne, and his apparent fall from grace from those who placed him so highly. It would appear he is brought back to the field in a battle against those who are his equal, possibly in State of Origin.

In the far east, a strong army continues to build,
A powerful force continues to build.
An army hellbent on power,
Power believed they have been denied.

In this final quatrain, Nostradamus speaks of the New Zealand Warriors and their very serious title aspirations.

Will they prove to be as prophetic as his other works.

Only time will tell.

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