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Roosters Race to 1000... (2007)

It is quite easy to overlook the achievements of teams who you don’t support. I say this in reference to one of the biggest feats for a club in the history of the game.

Cracking 1000 wins.

I have compiled a brief list of some of the milestones The Roosters have made en-route to 1000.

1st – The very first game, on April 20, 1908, a 32-16 win against Newtown.

2nd – My favourite. Easts 13-12 victory over Souths handed the Red and Greens their first ever loss.

35th – An 11-8 victory over Glebe in the Challenge Final of 1911 gave Easts their first ever Premiership.

100th – Easts accounted for Annandale 27-12 on June 14, 1919. Easts scored their 100th win in 156 games.

113th – The last game Annandale ever played. Easts won 15-0, leaving Annandale with just one win in their last 42 games.

200th – Easts defeated Norths 16-12 on June 27, 1931. Their last 100 wins came in 168 games.

239th – The first time Easts scored more than 60 points in a game. Easts won 61-5 against University on May 11, 1935. On the same day, St.George scored the most points and biggest win in a Premiership game, annihilating debutants Canterbury 91-6.

240th – The highest score and biggest win by Easts in a Premiership match. Just one week after setting a new club record for biggest win and highest score, Easts walloped the whipping boy of the previous week, Canterbury, by 87-7. Canterbury still hold the record for most points conceded in a week, with 178.

241st – Easts 57-9 win against Norths made them the only team in Premiership history to score over 200 points in 3 consecutive games. Easts scored 205 points.

242nd – Easts 15-2 victory over Balmain on June 29, 1935, was the beginning of the longest streak without defeat in the Premiership.

247th – Easts 65-10 win over Canterbury gave Easts the record of being the only team to score over 150 points against one team in a single premiership season. They scored 152 points against Canterbury in 2 games in 1935.

251st – Easts 15-10 victory over Wests in the Semi Final of 1935 saw them become the first club to score 600 points in a season. By seasons end Easts also were the only club to score over 100 tries in a season. Their record of 131 tries in a regular season stood until 2001 when surpassed by Newcastle (134) and Parramatta (142), who both played 10 games more than Easts did!

272nd – Easts 28-8 win against St.George on April 23, 1938 was the last win of their 35 match long streak without defeat. They had 30 wins and 5 draws.

300th – Easts 16-7 win over Norths on May 3, 1941. Their last 100 wins came in 146 games.

337th – The 22-18 victory over Balmain in the 1945 Final was the end of a great era, and unfortunately signalled the start of a forgettable one. Easts would make the finals just twice between 1946 and 1966.

400th – Easts beat minnows Parramatta 41-5 on June 18, 1955. Their last 100 wins took 242 games.

500th – Easts beat Cronulla 29-19 on April 20, 1969. Their last 100 wins took 261 games.

512th – Easts beat Canterbury 18-16 on May 24, 1970 in the 1000th match for the Roosters.

600th – Easts 28-13 win against Manly in the Preliminary Final, on September 13, 1975. Their last 100 wins came in 158 games.

601st – Easts 38-0 demolition of St.George in the infamous 1975 Grand Final gave the Roosters their first Premiership title since 1945.

700th – Easts 12-10 win in the Minor Semi-Final against Norths on September 11, 1982. Their last 100 wins came in 170 games.

800th – Easts won 18-9 against Souths on April 9, 1993. Their last 100 wins coming in 242 games.

832nd – Easts 62-0 thrashing of Souths on April 25, 1996, was the first time the Roosters scored more than 60 points in a game since 1935. It was also Souths’ worst defeat in their Premiership history.

900th – The Roosters beat the Northern Eagles 22-20 on June 3, 2000. Their last 100 wins coming in 181 games.

908th – Sydney City beat Newcastle 26-20 to qualify for the 2000 Premiership decider. Their first grand final appearance in 20 years.

940th – The Roosters beat Auckland 30-8 in the 2002 Grand Final to win their first premiership in 27 years.

999th – Roosters beat Penrith 40-20 on August 12, 2006.

We await number 1000…..

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