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A Letter To A Disgruntled Player Manager (2006)

Dear Sir,

This is a letter notifying you of our findings at our most recent meeting regarding player managers.

As you were previously made aware, our meeting held on March 9 2006, was to reveal the findings of our investigation into the players you manage, the ways they have been paid, if the payments are correct and legitimate and most importantly, That the players wages did not exceed their contract and their clubs salary cap restrictions.

As you were also informed, this was not a solitary investigation. All player managers were investigated for the abovementioned reasons, as a means of trying to stop illegitmate payments to players as part of the contract.

Below are listed the findings of our investigation into your management. Now before there is an inquest, the committee asks that you respond in kind to this letter, so that you can explain the actions and/or reasons behind each instance. We feel that this may make us aware of any oversights on our behalf. It may also prevent any further action being taken.

You are the manager of seven NRL Players. These are the players payments that we investigated. Here are our findings.

Player #1 - Mark Gasnier (St.George-Illawarra Dragons, NSW, Australia)

We found that there were many suspicious payments made to Gasnier as part of his contract, and some which exceeded his contract. Those payments are listed below, would you be able to explain these payments and how they are relevant.

a) an undisclosed amount, which we roughly estimated to be in vicinity of $10,000 and $298,000 worth of ETA Barbecue Sauce.

b) there is an allowance in Mark's contract for 35 mobile phones per season. Why is this large amount of mobile phones neccessary?

c) there is a payment from some company called "Waratahs." Who are they? Also their payment of $400,000 is not part of Mark's contractual agreement.

Player #2 - Willie Mason (Canterbury Bulldogs, NSW, Australia)

We have kept this contract very quiet and very secure as there are some quite odd, and we believe borderline illegal, payments, allowances and gifts included into his contract that should never have been made.

As you may recall, we spoke to you at length several times to this contract, and we would like you to explain to us, fully, about how everything we have deemed illegitimate, is actually well within bounds of our laws.

Player #3 - Simon Woolford (Canberra Raiders)

There's just the one finding here. His contract was all correct, but after Round One he received $200,000 worth of Tissues, from Kleenex, which were added to his contract.

Player #4 - Justin Murphy (New Zealand Warriors)

We found he was getting paid. Please explain.

Player #5 - Andrew Johns (Newcastle Knights, NSW, Australia)

According to the receipts, there have been several visits to a local rhinoplasty clinic in Newcastle, not just by Andrew, but by several other people that you have signed for, however all these have been added to Johns' contract, rather oddly under the heading of 'incentives'.

Player #6 - Craig Gower (Penrith Panthers, NSW, Australia)

We have receipts here from Liquorland that are quite excessive, which are part of Craig's match bonus. However his contract states that his bonus was to be a payment into his nominated bank account.

Player #7 - Anthony Minichiello (Sydney Roosters, NSW, Australia)

This one come as a surprise, he's getting paid $6 million per game it seems according to your records, yet he still manages to fit well under the salary cap for the Sydney Roosters.

If you would be able to respond to this letter at your earliest convenience, we will be able to correct any discrepancies that may be visible immediately, with the prospect of avoiding any further investigations into these matters.

If you wish to contact us, you can email us at to which we will respond to your enquiry as hastily as possible.

We thank you for your time and efforts in helping us remain as one of the most organised, professional and well managed competitions in the world today.

Yours Sincerely

Mr P. Niss
The Honourable Secretary Tresaurer
NRL Player Manager Deshonking Committee

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