Sunday, 7 August 2011

What A Day! (2004)

I awaken, ready to venture to Shark Park for the match between Cronulla and Parramatta. When I get out of the shower I realise its 11am and not 10am. My train is due to depart at 11.27am. I look in the wallet, only $20. I rush to an ATM, and take out $60. I'm set!

I head to the train station and buy my ticket – As I am a student I decided that I come under the 'student' title. I pay my fare and head to the platform. A minute later I'm told there is no train service from Newcastle to Sydney. So I had to go and get a bus instead.

I find a bus and get re-directed to a connecting bus, which was an express. I thought ‘you beauty; this'll save me some time!’

The bus trip was good; I even managed a nap and some reading. When we arrived at Sydney the bus driver said into the microphone, ‘does anyone know how to get to Central Station from here?’ Everyone thought he was joking. Then he informed us he was serious!

The ensuing 80 minutes was spent travelling in circles and some very ordinary driving. At one stage the driver attempted to turn a corner and the side of the bus hit the traffic lights and cracked one of the windows. He reversed up and tried to get around it, hitting the traffic light once again and cracking the same window even more.

He decided to go straight ahead and turn at the next intersection. This ended up in him running up onto a traffic island, hitting a Keep Left sign and denting the drivers’ side of the bus.

We eventually found Central Station ... and drove past it. He finally succumbed and realised that after an hour he needed help. He rang a friend and asked them to come down, find him, then drive their car in front of him, leading us to the depot at Central Station.

The friend couldn't find him.

While we were waiting, the bus was parked in a No Parking area for at least 15 minutes. A Canadian traveller who was asleep the whole time woke up and heard of the story. He found a map and managed to direct the driver to the station.

I got to the football ground easily after that. At Shark Park, some young lady gave me a spare ticket she had. BONUS! I'm into the ground for free!

I met some great people at the game from the various Rugby League forums I frequent. We watched the Sharks pretend to be a competitive rugby league side. For the second time this year, I watched the Sharks play bad football at their home ground. I was not happy.

We all ventured to the leagues club for a few hours where Ron talked about himself and took photos, showed his biceps and took part in some disturbing banter with myself.

I left around 10ish and wandered to Woolooware Station, hoping I remembered how to get there. Some drunken Parramatta fan who spoke the bleeding obvious, found me on the way to the station. By the time I got to the station, the drunken guy had wandered off aimlessly. Another drunken guy told me his thoughts on the Sharks, which were quite stupid as well. I get on the train and on my way home.

Then a ticket inspector arrives. I pull out my ticket, he asks for my student ID. I show him my TAFE card and he says ‘that’s not adequate ID,’ and he showed me what was. I cop a $200 fine for fare evasion. He let me off for having my feet on the seat opposite me, as he said I was very co-operative. (Jeez thanks!).

I got to central, found my bus, and headed home, this time with a bus driver who knew where he was going and how to operate the machine. I finally get home at 1.15am.

I hope now the Sharks fans appreciate what I went through to support them today, and I will continue to support them in the future. GO YOU SHARKS!

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