Sunday, 7 August 2011

Welcome to the #FutureOfTheNRL (2011)

Social media has exploded globally. More and more people use their fingers to communicate than their mouths. It’s a sad yet true state of affairs and it is completely unavoidable.

Furthermore, it’s only going to get more extreme.

With the advancements in social media, so to have there been advancements in televisual technology. 3D televisions and telecasts, big screen TV’s, tiny little cameras and microphones that can be attached to players and referees with minimal intrusion to their natural play.

And as these advancements continue and hurtle on an awkward yet obvious path into one another, it won’t be long until the modern day commentator is dead and is replaced by a computer with a personality.

We won’t hear commentators on the TV; we’ll just see their tweets, facebook status updates or text messages at the bottom of the screen.

The TV won’t emit any sound at all. After years of not talking anymore to communicate, the ears of civilized human races will eventually evolve and disappear. We’ll probably grow extra arms where our ears used to be, lessening the distance the signals from the brain to the fingers have to travel when a tweet or sms is to be made.

Rugby League will have video cameras on every player, a small chip inserted in every players brain, allowing them to tweet without typing and to see what their followers have tweeted without taking their eyes off the game.

The ‘commentary’ will go straight to the players so that we can all see exactly what they’re thinking.

@NRLCommentary Hello everyone n welcome 2 tonite’s match between @Wests_Tigers n the @SSFCRabbitohs
@shaynehayne ready boys, let’s go *whistle*
@NRLCommentary Solid strt by the Tigers, Farah moving 2 dummy half
@robbiefarah going to dummy right and pass left to Benji
@NRLCommentary Farah’s pass hits Benji on the chest; he steps through the defence n runs 90m to score
@shaynehayne might have to talk with Bill in the video ref box here
@HollywoodHarrigan looks good to me, let’s slow it down, zoom in, edit some pixels & see if we can disallow this try
@brycegibbss what’s going on Hayne? #ecoslabs
@shaynehayne Bill is seeing if we can disallow the try
@HollywoodHarrigan sorry Shayne, the try is good.

Shayne Hayne has given Benji Marshall a gift

Benji Marshall has changed his relationship status with Robbie Farah from ‘It’s complicated” to “Friends”

@NRLCommentary Marshall scores under the posts. Its 4-0 KTC
@russellcrowe #$!@ *&$! *%#@

Russell Crowe and Nokia are now no longer friends

@NRLCommentator Marshall converts his try. Sideline cmmt from Freddie
@adolFITTLER yeah I think today the team who scores the most pts will have a gud chance of #winning
@charliesheen #TIGERBLOOD! #winning
@NRLCommentary WT up 6-0. Bbs after this ad-break
@Toyota check out our new Rav4. O wot a feelin
@AAMIinsurance pls visit our site to c if we can save u $$$

Liam Fulton likes “The hot chick from the AAMi Insurance ads”

@NRLCommentary wb and the @Wests_Tigers are bringing the ball back
@brycegibbss my turn to make us some metres
@ASOTAS1 I’m gonna smash Gibbs
@NRLCommentary OH! Asotasi has hit Gibbs slightly high and it’s on

Bryce Gibbs and Roy Asotasi are now no longer friends

#SendAsotasiOff is now trending in Sydney

@shaynehayne looks like the ppl have spoken @HollywoodHarrigan. Shall I send him off?
@HollywoodHarrigan yeah mate. Careless and high. March him. #byebyeRoy
@NRLCommentary and Asotasi has been sent off by ref Hayne
#byebyeRoy is now trending in Sydney
@russellcrowe #$!@ *&$! *%#@

Russell Crowe and Sony Ericsson are now no longer friends.

@NRLCommentary Marshall takes a quick tap, steps, jinks, dummies…
@BenjiQMarshall hope to get a flick pass out to Lote
@LoteTuqiri sounds like I better get ready for a flick pass
@NRLCommentary Benji flicks a pass out the back to Tuqiri who is in open space & scores in corner
@LoteTuqiri too easy! Thanks Benji!

Benji Marshall has given Lote Tuqiri a gift

@russellcrowe #$!@ *&$! *%#@

Russell Crowe and Telstra are now no longer friends.

But no matter how much technology comes along, the game will still be awesome, it will be followed by hoardes of fans, mainly on Twitter and Facebook.

And with that as scary as this may look, some things won’t change.

People will still flock to Rugby League games
Russell Crowe mobile phone gags will never die.

AndrewRLP and Rugby League have updated their relationship to "Madly in love for eternity"

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